You will be able to know the truth of this popular saying by entering the fort of the fort, ‘Gadh me gadh, Chittaurgarh’ . Apart from Rani Padmavati, it is also the witness of the famous heroes of the famous Rana. Meerabai’s stories, which are immersed in love and devotion also reside here. So let’s go to the citadel of glorious stories , on the special journey of Chittorgarh,

Chittod gadh fort

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A small town is Chittorgarh. Its population is around two lakhs. But there is infinite detail of its fame. The most important reason is that there is a huge fortress located here, which was designed with a considerable amount of strategic vision. The brave and courageous Ranaas ruled not only this city, but it also decorated with foresight-of-offerings. This land of Mewar saw the period of many glorious kings, in which the chief is Rana Kumbha, Rana Sasha, and Maharana Pratap. There was no shortage of heroes on this land of Veer Rajputs, but the crisis was a thousand. Chittaurgarh saw three major attacks. Chittorgarh Rajput was seen as a hero of the heroes, also saw the jewelery of heroes. Every lane of Chittodara, every troupe, the whole atmosphere is still seen in these sahas of heroes. The fort here is honored by UNESCO ‘s World Dharohar award.


🔺 Believes the fort as a historical township, with structures connected with the needs of the population within its high-rise walls. Apart from the Hindu temple, the Jain temple and the Buddhist Stupa are also located. 🔻

Ideal monuments included-

Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI Among the hundred monuments that have been chosen for making an ideal monument, the Chittorgarh fort of Rajasthan is also included. Under this, tourist friendly features are being developed here. Significantly, the number of ASI monuments is 3686, which has been given the status of National Monument.

Fishermana Chittorgarh-

Chittodh fort fort
This fort is situated on a high hill. This fort is so vast that you will not see it well in a day. It will take a full day, yet not many things will be seen. If you are a traveler then it must be at least 2 to 3 days. However, this fort spread over 700 acres is very large, whose circumference is about 13 kilometers. When walking with walking shoes, thin spiral walks along the path, you will not realize how much climb you have climbed. Soon the fort will find himself on the upper part. The maximum length of the fort is 5 kms. To reach the fish-shaped fort this fort is to be done at seven doors. These doors are called poles here, like – Bhairavpole, Pandav Pol, Ganesh Pol, Hanuman Pol, Laxman Pole, Ram Poll, Jodla Pol, etc.


The key is the personality of Kumbha

Rana Kunbha mahal
Rana Kumba Palace is the oldest structure in the fort. The count of Maharana Kumbha is in the front row of the mighty kings of Mewar. Having a knight, he was also a very big Shiva devotee. Along with being brave, his love for art establishes him as an unmatched ruler. Under the rule of Maharana Kumbha, Mewar expanded not only, but in the meantime some amazing structures also came into existence. He built the fort of Kumbhal. Besides the construction of kilo, Maharana Kumbh also constructed temples. Under his rule, art, architecture, music, plenty of flowers and flowers The grandeur of Rana Kumba, the palace of the residence of Rana, is also a testimony to the gallant and magnificent personality of Rana. You should also visit the palace once you come here.

Vijay Pillar: The live symbol of victory

Vijay stanbh

The famous Vijay column as the identity of Chittodgad fort is still a witness to the bravery of the brave warriors, who did not let the head of Mewar bow down by sacrificing his life. It was built by Rana Kumbha. When he defeated Mahmud Shah Khaliji of Sultan of Malwa, to make this victory memorable, he built this huge pillar built in nine volumes. Maharana Kumbha dedicated the Vijay pillar to his adorable god Bhagwan Vishnu. The sculptures engraved on the walls of this pillar are very beautiful. Its height is approximately 122 feet and it is built on a large terrace. The Vijay column is the excellence of golden stone. There is no use of brick or lime in it. The structure of the seven floors is the same, the eighth floor is different, whose expanse of twelve umbrellas of the Sunder gives it magnificence. It took twenty years to build it



See Wooden Toys Made In Bassee Village

Wood toy

Basil Village is about 25 km from Chittorgarh. The culture of this village reaches the whole world through wooden toys. The people of the village are keeping their ancient heritage alive. They work to decorate the Puranic stories through pictures in wooden portable cupboards. Their portable temples are considered to be the finest art work. The characters of Rajasthan folk tales, known as puppet, come here only. How do the people of the village give wood to feed the whole body, they can see the whole process here and come close by. This is also the Bassi Wild Life Sanctuary.
Spread over 15,290 hectares of Vindhyachal mountain range, this study has many rare wildlife. Bassi has many archaeological sites. There is also the Basie Fort which has now been transformed into the hotel. There are two large reservoirs of water near the village, where you can enjoy boating. There is so much to see in this village that it will not know how to pass the whole day.


Manal waterfall shade

Menal water fall

If you think that the natural beauty of Rajasthan is low, then your thinking will change here. There is a huge waterfall in the Manal village near Chittorgarh, which falls from the height of 50 feet at all velocity. Manal is located in Benghu area of ​​Chittorgarh district. It is located at Bundi-Kota road number 27 at a distance of 86 kilometers from the headquarter of the Prakritik site. This site scales the sixth consecutive as soon as the rain starts. This is the same water fall, which has been praised by Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi in his popular program of mind.

White milk-clean water and natural beauty of the forest are so tempting that you would like to come again here again. Menal is such a beautiful place, which also holds archaeological and historical significance with nature. There are many ancient temples here, such as the Mehnaleeshwar Temple, which was built by Prithviraj Chauhan in the 12th Century.


Temple of Meera Bai

Mirabai Temple

There is also witness to the renunciation of some of the landless heroines of Chittaurgarh’s land history. If Rani Padmavati is considered to be the synonym of Chittorgarh, then the identity of Giridhar Gopal’s Divani Mira Bai is also from this place. There is also a dedicated structure of Meera Bai, which is named Meerabai Temple. It was built by Maharana Kumbha only. The temple architecture seems inspired by the life of Meerabai. The main structure of this temple is built on a high terrace, which is the specialty of Rajputi architecture. The temple has a huge roof over the main sanctuary. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the Lord Giridhar Nagar of Meera is established. Inside the prayer of God, there is a picture of Leena Meera Bai. Within the temple, a small umbrella is dedicated to the guardian and master lord Ravidas of Meerabai. Below the temple there is also Sant Ravidas Padmark on the floor.


Fateh Lighting Palace Museum

Fatah prakash palace museum

The glimpse of the havelis, palaces, troughs and huge temples built in the fort meets the vast structures transformed into ruins. In order to calm people’s curiosity in Fateh Prakash Palace, an invaluable collection of Nb Heritage of that period is preserved. Some rare specimens of archaeological importance are preserved in this museum. These include the inscriptions and murtiyas related to Jain and Hindu culture ranging from Gupta and Maurya. The archaeological department maintains this museum. This museum is closed on Friday.


Celebrity column

Within another fort, there is another visible tower structure of Vijay Colony. This is a celebrity column. It is said that this pillar was built by Jija Bhangrevala, a Jain businessman in the 12th century. The height of this column is 22 feet. This structure appears to be built on the basis of Chalukya architecture.




Flying squirrels will appear here

Flying squirrel

Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary is located at a distance of 95 kilometers from Chittorgarh, which is unique in the entire country. The only squirrel that is flying can be seen here. Sita Mata Wild Life Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary which is located in Pratapgarh, situated in the southeastern part.

Sitamata wild life


This Wild Life Sanctuary is unique biodiversity due to three different mountain ranges, such as the Malva Plateau, Vindhianchal mountain range and the Aravali mountain range. There are also small villages near it.


They also know …


  1. Chittorgarh fort was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012.
  2. In the Jain temple situated in the fort premises, the people of Bhal tribe here worship the black stone statue of God Rishab with great faith.
  3. There is also a palace named Rani Padmini in Chittorgarh Fort, which lies in the backyard behind the Kamal Sarovar constructed in the south direction. After the controversy over the Padmavat film, the number of tourists has suddenly increased.
  4. Gaumukh reservoir is the main attraction of Chittorgarh. This reservoir of green water is also a center of faith.


Delicious dish : Onion’s Kachori and Gavar Taste

rajasthani thali

The food of Chittorgarh is covered in its scent of Mewar Sweet is very important in the lives of people here. When you come to Chittorgarh, tastes the gravy.


Malpua is famous all over the country. Churma made in the country ghee with lentils here will also make your heart happy.

pyaj or dal ki kachori

Eat dal and onion’s garbage in Chittorgarh Here is a restaurant, Ganagaur, whose Rajasthani plate is considered very tasty. Rajputi taste still persists here. Rajput Dharmendra Singh and his wife Neelam take this walk. It is their endeavor that all the tourists coming to Chittorgarh can taste their Rajput zones.

Here you can also eat the famous Gate of vegetable and millet bread of Rajasthan. Here is the practice of eating milk and jalebi in the morning. You can get the energy for a whole day in the breakfast of hot milk and jalebi in a confectionery shop roaming in these alleys .




The shopping is special here

rana sanga market

Chittorgarh is also known not only for the castles but also for shopping. There is a different enjoyment of shopping here. There are three main markets here – Sadar Bazar, Rana Tea Market and Fort Road Market.


To decorate your home, you can buy many items from these places, such as antique decoration items, leather bags made from camel skirts, Rajasthani Chunars adorned with wood veneers and colors. You can also purchase local jewelery from Sadar Bazar. Here the fabrics dyed with natural colors are also found at reasonable prices.


How and when to go out ?

Udaipur is the closest airport. From here onward, the taxi is about two hours road from Chittorgarh.
Here in the summer, heat is beyond tolerance, so it is better to go in winter.

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