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Use these easy three ways of simple meditation techniques of practice throughout the day to quieten your mind and center yourself.

If there was a pill that could boost your memory, focus, and cognitive skills, while reducing stress and anxiety at the same time, most people would be tempted to give it a try.

And what if it enhanced happiness, self-esteem, and energy levels too while improving your immunity and lessening your risk of arthritis – all with no side effects?

simple meditation techniques
simple meditation techniques

simple meditation techniques have many scientifically proven benefits, but perhaps the over-riding sense of calm it brings is the one that attracts most people.

simple meditation techniques- how to work for you

‘we chose an ink pen to do this simple meditation technique, and when I began, forced myself to think of as many things as I could about the pen, simply to crowd out the other thoughts in my mind.

The simple meditation technique worked, but it went further than that. I soon began to appreciate the essence of a simple pen. The outer shell that protected the ink within.

The ink – the lifeblood – with its potential to communicate life or death messages, to share a person’s history, passions, and fears.

the pen as a keeper of secrets, stories, and truth. The nib – a point of concentration. How everything had to come into focus, be channeled through the narrowest of points to find expression in the world.

It’s a bit like the way we need to refine and distill our thoughts if we are to express them wisely in words. I came to understand how being mindful simple meditation can bring a sense of humility to oneself and a deep appreciation of how even the simplest of objects are so much richer when fully experienced in the present moment.

I understood how precious our lives would become if we brought this quality of attention even to a fraction of our experience.’

simple meditation techniques
simple meditation techniques

simple meditation technique of exercise

Here are three ways of simple meditation techniques practices to get you started.

1) Simple conscious breathing meditation

There are many breathing practices you can use to help you quieten your mind and come back into the present moment.

Breathing in, I calm my body,Breathing out, I smile; Dwelling in the present moment, Iknow this is a wonderful moment

One of the simplest comes from a zen monk and founder of Plum Village in France, Thich Nhat Hahn. You can practice this simple meditation breathing exercise in any way that works for you,


simple meditation techniques
simple meditation techniques

taking time out of your schedule to sit for five or 10 minutes on your yoga mat, or using it throughout the day when you won’t return to a quieter space inside yourself.

  • Try it on your daily commute, while waiting for a kettle to boil or to have a pause between activities so you can recalibrate and continue with your day in a more centered way.
  • Sitting, lying, or standing in a comfortable position, as you breathe in, silently repeat the words ‘Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in.’ And as you breathe out, say ‘Breathing out, I know that I am breathing out.’
  • Be as relaxed as you are able, allowing your body to gently expand as you inhale, and to soften and release as you exhale. Don’t rush yourself, but let the practice naturally deepen your breathing.
  • Gradually, your mind will settle and your heartbeat will become slower. Once you’re used to the practice, you can even abbreviate the words, so you just say ‘in’ as you breathe in, and ‘out’ as you breathe out.
  • This meditation is a useful way to link your mind with your body. Another simple meditation breathing practice from Thich Naht Hahn is to recite the following lines silently to yourself as you mindfully breathe in and out.
  • ‘Breathing in, I calm my body; Breathing out, I smile; Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.’ As he says, ‘Our appointment with life is in the present moment.’
simple meditation techniques

2) Simple counting the breath meditation

You may be familiar with a different technique for helping you connect to your breath and calm your mind’s natural tendency to flit from one thing to another.

Counting your breath is a time-honored way to help you stay focused in the present moment.  Again, you can dedicate a specific time for this practice of simple meditation techniques, or integrate it into your everyday activities.

  • Sitting, standing, or lying down, take a natural breath in, followed by a breath out. After the out-breath, count ‘one’. Then breathe in again and out again, and count ‘two’.
  • Continue breathing and counting in this pattern until you reach ‘10’, and then return to the beginning and start with ‘one’ again.
  • Some people suggest stopping every time you notice your mind has started to wander, and returning to the beginning, counting from ‘one’.
  • If you do this, you may notice you never get much beyond ‘two’ or ‘three’, as the mind loves nothing more than to flit from one subject to another!
  • It’s a bit like a puppy that needs to be gently trained. Perhaps experiment with both methods to see which one works best for you.
  • For other ways to work with counting the breath, take a look at the Buddhist simple meditation techniques practices on p60
simple meditation techniques

3) Easy simple meditation gazing at an Object

You may have come across a simple meditation practice techniques where you focus your attention on a single object, such as the flame of a candle.

Those of you who have tried it might have found that as soon as you begin, your mind is flooded with thoughts, ranging from how uncomfortable it is to sit crossed-legged on the floor, to what you’re having for supper that evening.

A yoga meditation technique from the 2nd-century Indian sage Patanjali wisely takes the nature of the busy mind into account.

In his Yoga Sutras, he divides meditation into two processes: ‘samprajnata’ with thoughts, and ‘asamprajnata’ (without thoughts).

Working with thoughts is a very useful place to start when you’re new to meditation. In this simple meditation techniques, Patanjali lets you make a deal with your mind.

So you say to yourself, ‘OK, you can think about anything you want to as long as it relates to this candle’. Rather than rigidly tell yourself, you must have no thoughts at all, you mindfully and gradually restrict the range of things your mind thinks about.

  • You can choose any object you like for this simple meditation practice, it doesn’t have to be a candle. Simply set aside 10 to 15 minutes when you won’t be disturbed, and place your chosen object a few feet away from you, ideally at eye level.
  • This is so you don’t tire your neck by looking down at too acute an angle.
  • Find a comfortable sitting position – on a chair with a straight back is fine if you don’t like the floor – close your eyes and spend a few moments connecting to your breath. Let it soften and slow a little, until it finds its natural rhythm.
  • When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and gaze at the object, focusing on it alone, and giving yourself permission to have any thoughts you wish – but about the object only.
  • When you’re ready to finish, gently close your eyes, breathe into your belly, and allow yourself to absorb your experiences.
  • You may find it useful to repeat the exercise a few times and make notes in your mindfulness journal about your observations. You’ll learn much!

That is for now…

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