5 Side effects of banana: know the harm caused by eating more bananas
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Banana is the most beneficial among fruits. Bananas are easy to eat and very cheap so everyone’s diet is included.

If the banana is eaten too much, many times it can cause any harm to the body instead of benefits. The big common saying is that everything is bad and the same applies to banana consumption.

By the way, banana is such a fruit that has only benefits, but if you eat more bananas every day thinking that you can have side effects of banana instead of profit.

Bananas are included in everyone’s diet from children to elders.

There is no problem in eating 1-2 bananas every day or people who do a lot of workouts can eat 3-4 bananas a day but eating more bananas can cause problems.

So remember that it is consumed in the limit.

So, let us tell you today that if you eat more bananas than you can cause harm to your health.

5 Side effects of banana: know the harm caused by eating more bananas

A side effects of Banana

1-Banana can cause constipation:

Eating banana clears the stomach properly, but you may not know that if the banana is a little too raw, it can cause constipation.

Many times, doctors recommend eating bananas even when there is loose motion, which means that the motion of the banana gets tight.

Therefore, do not eat raw bananas and eat ripe in the limit.

2- Eating more bananas fatness-

Bananas contain fiber as well as natural sugar and if taken with milk, the weight increases. Banana milkshake is a weight gain food.

In such a situation, you should also remember that excessive consumption of bananas can cause problems such as weight gain.

3-stomach pain and acidity problem-

Many people get stomach ache by eating banana empty stomach. Actually, bananas contain starch, so it takes time to digest.

Many times there are complaints of a stomach ache for this reason.

If the banana is not cooked properly, then there may be problems like vomiting with stomach pain.

4-Banana Increases Sugar Level-

Eating more banana is very harmful to diabetic or pre-diabetic people. Banana contains natural sugar and it can increase sugar level if you take it in excess.

Taking too much sugar can sometimes cause headaches and trouble sleeping.

5-Other disadvantages of eating more bananas-

Due to sugar and starch, banana can cause tooth decay.

Bananas contain the amino acid tyrosine, which goes into the body and converts into tyramine. Tyramine can trigger migraines.

People who have asthma should not consume bananas in their diet. It also causes swelling and allergy.

Eating Bananas on an empty stomach can affect your health

5 Side effects of banana: know the harm caused by eating more bananas

Banana is very good for health. It contains lots of nutrients, which keep us healthy, but there is also a time to eat the banana, it can never be eaten every time. Otherwise, the side effect of banana can harm your health.

If you eat bananas on an empty stomach or at all times, it causes great harm to your health, let’s know

If a specialist believes, banana should not be eaten on an empty stomach. This can cause a lot of health-related losses.

By the way, banana is very beneficial for health. It contains a lot of nutrients, which kills our body’s hunger and also works on fat.

Because it contains healthy fat that does not freeze in our body and increases weight but keeps away obesity. Just you should know the time of eating bananas.

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Potassium, fiber, and magnesium are found in plenty in bananas, but along with this, the fruit is acidic.

According to the expert, consuming acidic foods on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems. So do not consume bananas on an empty stomach at all.

Bananas are found in high amounts of potassium and magnesium, so if consumed on an empty stomach, there may be an excess of both these nutrients in the blood, which can cause damage to the heart.

So before eating a banana on an empty stomach, think carefully.

If you think that eating bananas will give you energy for the day, then you think right, but not on an empty stomach at all because eating bananas on an empty stomach will give you instant energy, but that will be temporary.

You will soon start feeling tired and lethargic and get hungry again. After this, you may also have the problem of overwriting.

So it is better to include bananas in breakfast in the morning, but do not eat on an empty stomach at all.

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