how yoga can help you lose weight and 6 amazing benefits
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If you want to do yoga to lose weight. So here is the complete information about yoga for you, how yoga can help you lose weight. 

From boosting your metabolism to making you a more mindful eater — these are some of yoga’s surprising benefits that can encourage weight loss , yoga can help you lose weight and improve your body shape…

While yoga’s reputation as a relaxation therapy is well known – and well-deserved – its effectiveness as a weight-loss strategy receives far less fanfare.

After all, surely you need to work up more sweat to shed that fat, right? Well, not necessarily. and if you not know how yoga can help you lose weight, let’s get know…

how yoga can help you lose weight

All forms of yoga will boost strength, flexibility, and balance. here are explain how yoga can help you lose weight.

And certain types, such as Ashtanga, are pretty vigorous, giving other forms of aerobic exercise a run for their money in the calorie-burning stakes.

how yoga can help you lose weight

Why yogis stay slim

But that’s only half the story, The weight-loss effect that comes with yoga isn’t simply down to traditional calorie-burning.

Since it focuses on both the body and mind, yoga encourages a wealth of physiological and psychological changes that can help you get – and stay – in shape.

Yoga is habit-changing. Because it teaches you to be more body-aware, it also encourages you to make better choices and adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Yogic breathing stops you from overeating by boosting production of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain you’re full up”

Research has shown that people who regularly practice yoga are generally slimmer and healthier than those who don’t.

They have a lower body mass index (BMI) and lower body fat levels. if you thinking a how yoga can help you lose weight.

A couple of examples?

Yoga can reduce weight-related cardiovascular risk factors, such as obesity, high cholesterol, and hypertension, according to a 2015 study at the University of Hong Kong.

Researchers found that participants’ waist measurements and blood pressure readings had dropped considerably after they had been doing yoga three times a week for a year.

Another study of 15,500 middle-aged Americans found that those who did yoga for at least four years were less likely to gain weight.

Those who were overweight but practicing yoga lost an average of 5lb during this period, whereas their counterparts, who didn’t do yoga, gained more than a stone.

Other research shows that people who practice yoga tend to eat more healthily with better appetite control and fewer food cravings.

Not only that, but there’s also proof that yoga helps you feel more positive about your body.

So whether you need to shed a few stones or simply want to maintain a healthy weight, there are plenty of ways yoga can help you achieve your goal. so in this article in below how yoga can help you lose weight…

how yoga can help you lose weight1- It speeds up your metabolism.

As we age, our metabolism – the rate at which our bodies burn calories – tends to slow down, largely due to a decrease in muscle coupled with an increase in body fat.

Put simply, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate. Yoga helps to address this by using your own body weight to build more calorie-burning muscle instead of hard-to-budge fat.

The Plank, for example, is a great calorie-burner because it fully engages the core muscle groups – particularly the abdominal – while forcing your body to resist gravity.

And, needless to say, the longer you hold the pose, the more calories you’ll burn and the stronger you’ll become over time.

There’s also evidence to suggest that yogic breathing – known as pranayama – stops you from overeating by boosting the production of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain you’re full up.

What’s more, deep breathing aids digestion by flooding your body with oxygen to help keep things moving and speed up the detoxification process.

how yoga can help you lose weight

2-You’ll have longer, leaner muscles.

One of the most obvious benefits of yoga is that it helps build muscle mass and maintain muscle strength – improving flexibility and creating a longer, leaner, and more defined body shape.

This offers protection from restrictive and painful conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis, keeping you mobile for longer and more active in your everyday life – which, of course, means you’ll burn more calories.

And if cellulite is an issue for you, it’s worth noting that building muscle tone and getting rid of excess fat can help smooth out skin in problem areas, such as your legs, stomach, and upper arms.

By boosting circulation throughout your body, yoga allows the lymphatic system to flow more freely through these trouble spots, flushing out toxins more effectively.

Shoulder stands are particularly good for this. Yoga also improves your posture by teaching you to pull your stomach in, stand tall, and relax your shoulders – all of which instantly make you look taller and slimmer.

So it can give the impression of weight loss before you’ve even lost a pound!

how yoga can help you lose weight3- You’ll be a mindful eater.

Yes, you’ll almost definitely burn more calories during a half-hour run than you would in an hour-long yoga class.

But regular yoga practice does something that’s long term and, arguably, more important than that: it makes you more mindful of your body and what you’re putting into it.

People who eat mindfully only eat when they’re hungry, choose healthier food, go easy on the portion sizes, and stop eating when they’re full.

So it’s no surprise to learn that mindful eaters tend to weigh less than those who eat ‘mindlessly’, according to a study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the US.

The researchers also found a significant link between yoga practice and mindful eating but found no such association with other forms of exercise, such as walking and running.

By being more in touch with your body in this way, you’re also more likely to become aware of your personal triggers for overeating and choosing unhealthy foods – and by extension, be more informed and equipped to swap those bad habits for healthy ones.

how yoga can help you lose weight

4-It combats food cravings.

Yoga’s effectiveness as a stress-buster is backed up by a wealth of research that shows how it actively alters our brain chemistry.

For example, it raises levels of the ‘happiness hormone’ serotonin, as well as a key amino acid, GABA, which helps quash anxiety and low mood.

A 2010 study, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, saw a significant increase in GABA levels among people who practiced yoga regularly for 12 weeks, compared with those who had taken up walking instead.

So how exactly does reducing stress encourage weight loss?

First, there’s the fact that feeling happier, more fulfilled, and at ease with yourself means you’re less tempted to comfort eat or to reach for that large glass of wine every evening.

You’re also likely to have more energy, which means you’ll be more active, and so burn more calories overall. But there’s another key factor at play here.

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol lead fat to accumulate around the belly area in particular. Less stress means less cortisol, which in turn means a smaller waistline.

Want more evidence? how yoga can help you lose weight-

In a 2013 US study, women who did Restorative yoga (relaxation poses) lost more than two-and-a-half times the amount of subcutaneous fat over a six-month period than a group who did stretching exercises.

The researchers suggest the effect was due to reduced levels of cortisol in the Restorative yoga group.

how yoga can help you lose weight5-It boosts body confidence.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that the improved muscle tone, flexibility, and posture associated with yoga contribute to better body confidence.

A recent US study found that practicing yoga was associated with high levels of body satisfaction among young adults – and those who had previously had a very low body image saw the greatest confidence boost after taking up yoga.

Another study at the University of Florida found that twice-weekly yoga significantly reduced body-image dissatisfaction in a group of women, aged 18-30.

After just 12 weeks, the participants tended to evaluate their appearance more positively, become more satisfied with specific body areas, and – crucially – spend less energy worrying about their looks.

The key is that feeling more content with the way you look means you’re less likely to jeopardize your weight loss efforts by indulging in unhealthy behaviors, such as comfort eating.

Research has shown a direct link between a boost in body confidence and losing weight.

In a 2010 Spanish study, for example,

women who saw their body image improve thanks to an intervention plan – based around exercise, emotional eating, and body confidence – during a year-long weight-loss program, found they were better able to self-regulate their eating and lose weight.

The group lost an average of seven percent of their starting weight – five percent more than those who hadn’t received the intervention.

how yoga can help you lose weight

6-You’ll sleep yourself slim.

Get a good night’s sleep and you’ll be less likely to over-eat and be more equipped to manage stress the following day.

In fact, better sleep encourages weight loss and a healthier lifestyle in general.

In a 2011 study, people who reported fewer than six hours’ sleep and the highest stress scores were only half as likely to succeed in a six-month weight loss program.

Sleep deprivation increases levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin while leptin – the hormone that tells us we’re full – tends to drop.

So, as well as feeling tired and grouchy, we’re far more likely to choose fattening foods and overeat the following day.

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So where does yoga come in?

Regular yoga practice results in a significant decrease in the time taken to fall asleep, an increase in the total number of hours slept, and the feeling of being rested in the morning, says a review in the International Journal of Yoga.

And when you sleep better, you’ll eat better – and have more energy for exercise and life overall.

8 amazing books definitely worth a read-

here is some helpful book for yoga can help you lose weight…

Feel the fat burn in weight lose!how yoga can help you lose weight

if you Want to maximize your weight-loss, yoga can help you lose weight results? Try these tips…

For a balanced weight-loss program you need to do both cardio exercise (such as running) and resistance work (such as weight training). The good news is that yoga offers both of these.

Flowing poses and sequences such as Sun salutation get your heart rate up, while static yoga poses are a natural form of resistance training that boosts your metabolism and increases your body’s calorie-burning potential.

How to optimize the benefits

if you practice for yoga can help you lose weight, and optimize the benefits,

1- Aim to practice yoga at least three times a week.

2- Work at a level that raises your heart rate, makes you sweat and gets you out of breath.

Once you’ve learned the basics, try a flowing sequence, such as Sun salutation 3, and gradually up your pace to one breath per pose.

3- Vary your practice to keep challenging your muscles. If you always repeat the same sequence, your body will adapt and plateau.

Mix up the sequences you practice, choosing from the selection in the Sequences section of this book.

4- Create progression in your practice. Try extending the length of time you practice for, increase the number of repetitions of each pose, or the number of breaths you hold it for.

5- Cross-train. Combine your weekly yoga practice with other exercises such as walking, running, or swimming. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week.

6- Choose poses that recruit your body’s large muscle groups such as Lunge and Plank.

7- Make your poses dynamic. Adding movement into classic static poses can increase the challenge and calorie burn.

Try Downward facing dog, Dynamic boat, and Chair poses.

8- Pair your yoga practice with a healthy balanced diet. See you for advice.

Measuring your waist and hips can be a better way to follow your progress than getting on the scales, as muscle weighs more than fat and you’ll gain muscle if you do yoga regularly. But if you want to weigh yourself, do it at the same time each day for accuracy.

“Researchers found that participants’ waist measurements dropped considerably after they’d been doing yoga three times a week for a year”

“Women who did Restorative yoga lost more than two-and-a-halftimes the amount of subcutaneous fat than a group who did stretching exercises”

A study by Power Vinyasa teacher, Kiersten Mooney, and American researchers found that yogis burned 100 percent more calories and used their muscles up to twice as much when they practiced Sun salutations at a faster pace.

That is for now…

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