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Have you noticed how some people look as if a gust of wind could knock them off balance, while others seem as solid as a rock,

even if they’re slim?  It’s not just a question of weight or body shape either, people who appear to have a sense of stability and confidence in their body are likely to be grounded.

A term often used in psychotherapy and yoga circles, being grounded refers to being to be fully more present in the current moment, and feeling energetically connected to your lower body and the earth beneath you.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

Why is Being more Present Important?

You also might have heard similar pieces of advice like:

[su_quote]Don’t get caught up in thinking about the past or the future—live in the now, “Be more present in your own life.” “All you have is this moment. Don’t let it slip away.”[/su_quote]

So- If you have a lot of energy in your head, for example, your thoughts are likely to be racing, your jaw may be clenched or you may have a throbbing headache.

Excessive energy in your torso may show as butterflies in the stomach or a pounding heart. When you’re grounded, your energy is more weighted in the lower body – in your pelvis, legs, and feet.

The corresponding feelings are of solidity and balance, and inner confidence that the earth beneath you is strong enough to support you.

Whether from fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, or habit, it’s surprising how many people tense the muscles of their legs, pelvis, and stomach as if to hold their weight off the ground, rather than relax into it.

benefits of  more present in your life

If you read it too far, you may already be well acquainted with the lack of more present in your life.

Some of the most notable benefits of greater attendance are:

  • More deep, nourishing, connected relationships (friendships, intimate partnerships, conversations with people you’ve just met, etc.)
  • Greater acceptance of people, events, feelings, and situations in your life.
  • Less stress and tension in your mind and body.
  • More joy, happiness, spontaneity, and increased emotional intelligence.
  • Resilience infested with stress, illness, and ego noise that our (less than present) mind can throw at us.

When you increase your daily appearance, you try to control life or give up the natural flow of how you actually are.

5 way to how to be more present

Use the following exercises whenever you want to experience the more present moment fully, and to build an increasing connection to the ground beneath you.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

1- Get down to it-

One way to consciously bring your energy downwards is to sequentially focus on releasing any tension in your body from your head downwards.

Give it a try-

Take your attention to particular areas of your body, notice if any tension is held there, and consciously release the muscle on an out-breath.

Key areas to consider include your temples, jaw, lips, and the back of your neck.

As you travel down your body, identify and let go of any tension in your shoulders, arms, belly, and buttocks.

If you’re sitting, you can spend some time imagining you’re releasing the weight of your body through your sitting bones.

Continue taking your attention down your legs, sensing if there is any tension and releasing it as you exhale.

When you get to your feet, spend a few moments becoming aware of any sensations there, then rest your attention on the soles of your feet.

If it feels comfortable, imagine your legs extending into the ground like roots.

When to use it-

This exercise is ideal to use any time your mind is overactive or you are feeling stressed.

It’s a great way to practice when you have a few otherwise wasted minutes, such as standing in a queue at checkout or waiting for an appointment.

You could even practice it before you eat a meal – by quietening your thoughts you’ll be able to eat in a mindful way.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

2-Hands-on healing

Scientific research shows that moving different parts of your hands activates different areas of your brain.

In yoga philosophy, mudras (hand gestures) help generate feelings of calm, focus, and well being by aiding the flow of energy (prana) around your body.

Most of the major energy channels start or finish in your hands or feet, so working with your hands is an effective way to clear blockages in these channels and bring you into a place of balance, says Swami Saradananda, author of mudras for Modern Life (Watkins, £12.99).

Give it a try-

Known as the wisdom gesture (or jnana mudra), this hand position helps you feel more grounded.

Sit in a comfortable crossed leg position and join the tip of each index finger with the thumb of the same hand to form a circle.

Apply a slight pressure, Let your free fingers be slightly extended but still relaxed.

Gently rest the insides of your wrists on your knees with your palms facing inwards and your fingertips pointing down.

Softly close your eyes and breathe into your belly, remaining in the pose as long as feels comfortable.

When to use it-

You can practice this mudra at home each day to build up a background reserve of feeling grounded, or in situations where you want to come back to your center, such as on your commute home from work.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

3- go on a sensory journey

Tuning in to your body is vital if you’re to feel more grounded.

This exercise works by giving your mind something to concentrate on, while counting down to a single point that focuses you in the now.

Don’t rush the exercise or you won’t get the benefits. Afterward, breathe into your belly for a moment before getting on with your day.

Give it a try-
The technique is simple, just find:

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

Do the following for a deeper experience.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

SIGHT- It may be tempting to tick off the first five things you lay your eyes on, so slow it down by resting your attention for a few moments on each of the five objects you chose.

Rather than tensing the muscles around your eyes and zooming in on the object, soften your gaze and see if you can allow the object to ‘come to you’, by allowing yourself to receive its qualities through your eyes.

Pause for a while, letting your eyes rest on the object, then move on to the next one.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

TOUCH- Again, rather than rattling off a list of things you can feel, quietly become aware of the areas where your body is touching another surface – the seat of a chair or the floor.

Mentally, spend time in each area, noticing your bodily sensations.

For example, at first you may just feel your sitting bones on the chair, but as you sink into the experience you may sense the area of contact expanding,

so you begin to feel the compression in your buttocks. Take your time – and breathe!

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

HEARING- As you tune in to your sense of hearing, focus on three distinct sounds.

  • Are they constant or do they change?
  • Is there a regular pattern?
  • If the sound changes?

see if you can trace it from its beginning to its end.

For example, a car getting louder as it approaches then fading into the distance. The softer the sound, the quieter you need to be to hear it.

Become aware of the space between the sounds, notice the stillness, and absorb its effects.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

SMELL- You can approach this in two ways. First, you can breathe in and notice if there’s anything you can smell around you.

This may take a little practice and it helps if you close your eyes. If you don’t sense anything straight away, go to different areas in your home, or if out, keep walking until you catch the scent of something.

Pause, and absorb its fragrance, imagining you’re breathing it into every cell of your body. The second way is to choose an item, the sleeve of your cardigan, say, bring it to your nose and sniff!

This sense is strongly associated with memory, so if anything you smell reminds you of the past, gently bring yourself back to the more present, maybe choosing a different item to explore, and continue with the exercise.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

TASTE- If you’re at home or work, it’s probably easy to find something to taste, or you could carry a raisin or two with you (mindful eating)! If you’re out, you could explore your mouth.

Run your tongue over the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth, draw your inner cheeks together to see if you have a ‘taste’ in your mouth.

When to use it- This technique is often used to help people who have panic attacks stay anchored in the more present.

But it’s also a wonderful way to tune into your senses and reconnect to your body when you’re feeling stuck in your head.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

4-Rock on

Energy follows attention, so bringing your awareness to your legs and feet will help bring any excess energy from your upper body into your lower body, helping you to feel more centered and grounded.

Do the following exercise in loose clothing and in socks or bare feet. If you can do it outside on grass, even better.

Give it a try- Stand with your feet hip-width apart and center yourself by focusing on your breath.

Step forwards with your right foot, then slowly transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot, allowing your back heel to come off the floor.

Inhale. Pause your breath as you transfer your weight back into your left foot, allowing your front toes to come off the ground.

Exhale. Finding a rhythm, rock backward and forwards for three to five minutes and repeat on the other side.

Once you’re familiar with it, you can focus on the base of your spine while you rock.

This can help bring a greater sense of grounding.

When to use it- Regular practice of this over a period of weeks will help you build up a permanent feeling of being grounded. You can also use it before an event you’re feeling anxious about.

5 easy way to how to be more present in your life

5- Body drops

This is a really powerful technique from the kundalini yoga tradition to be more present, taught by Marlene Smith (ekhartyoga.com), and it’s a super-quick way to bring you back into the present.

It works on activating your root chakra (situated at the base of your spine), the energy center associated with the feeling of grounding, stability, and security in the world.

Give it a try- Sit in a comfortable crossed leg position on a carpet or yoga mat.

If you are able, you can place on one foot on the opposite thigh in a half-lotus position.

Make your hands into fists and place them, palms inwards, on the mat next to your hips.

Push yourself up from your fists, then drop yourself back down, gradually building up speed, and bounce up and down up to 30 seconds.

The move may release some tension in the form of emotion, so don’t be surprised if you start laughing!

After 30 seconds, inhale, exhale, and then be still for a while to allow your body to absorb the experience.

When to use it- Avoid this exercise if you have any back problems such as a herniated disc.

Otherwise, use it whoever you feel spaced out, overactive or insecure.

7 books of more present definitely worth a read

If you are interested in learning more about the be a more present moment or getting some additional tips and some tips and tricks to cultivate mindfulness, check out these books:

  • Present Moment Wonderful Moment: Mindfulness vs Daily Living for That Not Hoon- Amazon
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  • You’re Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment by That Not Hoon Amazon
  • 10-minute Mindfulness:  71 Habits of Living in the Present Moment- Amazon
  • Present Moment Awareness: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Living in the Now Amazon.
  • Present Moment: 365 Daily Confirmations by Louise Haye -Amazon
  • How to Live in the Present Moment,  Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future -Amazon

Bottom line-

I hope you have enjoyed this piece and learned something more present, that you can apply in your life so that you can cultivate better understanding.

If you take home just one thing from reading this piece, make sure it is: it is very easy to be brainwashed!

Yes, it takes work and effort to create a continuous mindfulness practice, but it is easy to take pauses and contemplate at any random more present moment throughout the day – just now!

If you don’t have the time or energy to practice any more right now, that’s fine. Just stop a few times a day and take a moment to meditate.

The more you do it, the better you become sensible, and soon it will be another nature for you.

  • What do you think about living in the present?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks to share?
  • What are the most impressive benefits of living in the present?

Tell us in the comments!

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