The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect
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Everyone is familiar with lemons/nimbu. People make many dishes using lemon. The Biggest Health Benefits of lemon/nimbu is that while other fruits become sweet on cooking, the taste of lemon/nimbu remains sour all the time.

Which is the only house in India where lemons are not found in the kitchen? I do not think that you will find any such house in India.

The reason for this is that many people may feel that they often resort to lemon in case of an upset stomach or feeling nauseous… So does this mean that nimbu is just a lemon flavor to give relief from nausea? Good for.

Lemon is the main source of vitamin C. Scurvy is also cured by taking lemon. Not only this, but many other diseases can also be cured by using lemon. There are a lot of good things about the health benefits of lemon in Ayurveda.

You can use nimbu to eliminate stomach worms, to get relief from stomach ache, to increase appetite, to cure bile and Phlegm disorders, as well as to get health benefits of lemon in many diseases Can.

Lemon is helpful in maintaining the pH level of our body at the right level. At the same time, lemon contains minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and zinc, which cater to different needs of the body.

Along with this, the risk of kidney stones can also be reduced by the consumption of lemon.

Nimbu is used as a home remedy and medicine due to its medicinal properties, it is also used in polishing and cleaning utensils, general jewelry, and decorative metal made items.

Sugar can be controlled by the consumption of nimbu and Vitamin-C in it is also helpful in increasing the immunity of the body.

By consuming lemon, the body can also be rehydrated. At the same time, it can also be relieved from problems related to gums.

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Below you have explained all the health benefits of lemon in very easy words. Let’s know about lemons.

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What is Lemon?

What is Lemon?

Lemon was introduced in Western countries in the 12th century. Arab traders took it to Spain first, and from 1494 onward, nimbu reached the European countries from the Spanish market. They earlier considered lemon as a simple juicy sour fruit.

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Gradually, when people experienced its many properties and found it to be a healthy and healthy fruit, its importance increased. Numerous experiments were conducted regarding its properties and the results were pleasantly surprising.

Eminent physician James Lind of Scotland, in one of his books, revealed that if a person eats raw fruits and vegetables for 4–5 days, then blood defects will develop. This blood defect is caused by scurvy vitamin C deficiency.

Lemon is an unmistakable medicinal fruit for scurvy control. Doctor Blaine, another physician, also found Nimbu capable of dealing with scurvy. Regular use of nimbu proves useful in the prevention of scurvy.

Lemon juice is beneficial in colds. The use of lemon as medicine in arthritis, fever, gall bladder solution, pandu disease, new and old constipation, etc. has been happening here since ancient times.

We have a good yield of lemon. There are many varieties like Kanji Vijora, Zabhuri, etc. Simple lemon is small – like amla. Paper nimbu is used to make pickles etc.

The paper lemon with thin peel is sufficiently juicy. The use of this fruit is similar to the consumption of nectar, so lemon has been considered as nectar in our ancient texts.

Many species of lemons are found, such as Kagji Lemon, Bijouri Lemon, Jammiri Lemon, Sweet Lemon, etc. Only paper lemon should be used as a medicine.

It is small or medium-sized. Its tree is shrubby, with thorns. Its flowers are small, white or pink. Flowers bring fragrance.

The botanical name of the lemon is Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle, Syn-Citrus medica Linn. Var. Acid Hook.f.) and is from the genus Rutaceae, but is known by other names.

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How to uses lemon?

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All the health benefits of lemon above have been stated in your language and very easy words. You can take benefit by using lemon in many diseases, but use Nimbu as medicine only after consulting a doctor.

How to use Lemon-

Read below the ways in which it can be used for the health benefits of lemon/Nimbu.

  • Lemon can be used as a juice.
  • Nimbu juice can be used in salads.
  • Can drink lemon tea.
  • Nimbu can be used to make soda or mojito.
  • Many people consume lemon soda after eating food for the benefits of drinking lemon water.
  • If there is a gas problem, you can lick half a lemon by adding celery and then heating it on a pan.
  • Lemon pickle can be made.
  • You can apply Nimbu juice on acne or stretch marks.
  • Many people also use lemon juice to remove dandruff.
  • You can add lemon juice while applying henna on the hair.
  • Lemons can be used to clean the fridge or microwave.
  • Nimbu juice can also be used to clean clothes.

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Useful parts of lemon

Lemon /Nimbu can be used in this way: –

  • The fruit
  • Lemon tree leaves
  • Lemon seeds
  • Lemon juice

Read the article till the end for more information.

Now it is time to learn how to make lemonade using lemon.

1- How to Make Lemon Water

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Read below the easy way to make lemonade for the benefits of lemonade.

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Ingredient of Lemon water-

  1. One to two glasses of water
  2. A lemon
  3. Sugar to taste
  4. Black salt to taste (optional)
  5. Chaat masala as per taste (optional)
  6. One to two ice cubes (optional)

Lemon water recipe

  • First, cut the lemon into two pieces.
  • Now take out the water in a jug and squeeze the Nimbu in it.
  • Then add sugar, black salt, and chaat masala to the water and mix until all the ingredients are mixed well in the water.
  • Now strain it and serve it by adding ice cubes to the glass.

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After lemon water, it is time to learn how to make lemon tea.

2- How to Make Lemon Tea

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Read the easy way to make lemon tea below for the benefits of lemon tea.

Ingredient of Lemon tea-

  1. One to two cups of water
  2. A teabag of your choice
  3. A teaspoon lemon juice
  4. A spoonful of honey
  5. Half a teaspoon of mint leaves (optional)

Lemon tea recipe

  • First, boil the water in a pan.
  • Now take it out in a cup.
  • Then put the teabag in it and let it stay for a while.
  • Now mix lemon juice, mint leaves, and honey in it.

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Do you like the knowledge of lemon? keep reading further-

Some common questions of lemon

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

1- Where is lemon found or grown?

Today lemon/Nimbu is grown commercially throughout the Mediterranean region, including Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Israel.

They are also grown in tropical regions such as California and Chile with a Mediterranean climate and tropical regions such as Belize.

In India- Lemon is cultivated all over India. Its trees are also seen in houses, gardens, and gardens.

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2- What does lemon do to your face?

Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce skin damage and premature aging. Astringent qualities. Due to its high pH levels, lemon can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation.

3- Is it good to drink lemon water every day?

So as it turns out, you may drink lemon juice daily, as it is a drink that can keep you both hydrated and healthy. Drinking lemon juice with warm water the first thing in the morning is especially healthy.

Lemon juice also contains potassium, which is a crucial nutrient during the summer season

4- How many lemons a day is safe?

According to Bengaluru-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood and consultant nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta, having the juice of 2 lemons per day is enough to keep you hydrated in the summers, and it is perfectly healthy to drink lemon water every day

5- Does boiled lemon burn belly fat?

Lemon juice with warm water is believed to melt belly fat and even give the liver a boost when consumed early in the morning. Nimbu juice increases the body’s metabolism and is also helpful in improving immunity, due to the presence of vitamin C in it.

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By now you know what a lemon is. Let us know what is the Ayurvedic quality of Nimbu, and what is its effect.

Health Benefits of lemon

Lemon is an all-purpose and unique fruit. Originally, the importance of the Indian fruit Nimbu is known worldwide. Lemonade, a drink popular in Western countries, is prepared from the lemon.

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Not only this, but Nimbu is also used a lot in making various medicines. Ayurveda has considered it an important fruit. This unique fruit with acidic properties is a unique gift to humans.

Lemon has been recognized since ancient times as the best disease-destroyer and disease-enhancing fruit in our country.

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Lemon has been highly praised in Ayurveda and apart from its use as a food item, its various uses have also been described as medicine.

1- Benefits of lemon when bleeding

According to Swami Ramdev Ji-

Squeeze half a Nimbu in 1 cup of drinkable warm milk and drink it immediately before the milk breaks. It stops bleeding immediately. Do not use this experiment more than once or twice.

2- Benefit from lemon when thirsty

For the problem of feeling more thirsty, make the Nimbu syrup. This helps to overcome the problem of feeling more thirsty.

Take 5 ml of fruit juice mixed with honey, narikelodak, and salt. This cures the problem of feeling more thirsty.

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3- Benefits of lemon in the problem of ulcers

Rub lemon peel on tongue ulcers and gums. It provides relief in tongue ulcers and gums discomfort.

4- Treatment of acne and facial wrinkles with lemon

Mix honey in lemon juice on the face. It cures facial pimples and wrinkles.

Mix equal juice of lemon, basil, and black kansoudi and keep in the sun. When it becomes thick, rub it on the mouth. It removes acne.

5- Benefits of lemon in dandruff problem and hair loss problem

Talking about hair, the problem of dandruff is quite common. Dandruff affects about 50 percent of the population.

In such a situation, lemon juice can be an easy home remedy to reduce dandruff. Lemon can be helpful in keeping scalp and hair healthy.

Now the question arises that how to apply lemon in hair, then let us tell that extract lemon juice in a bowl and apply it with the help of cotton.

Lemon can be used to remove dandruff. Grind Amla fruits in lemon juice. By applying it in the hair, dandruff disappears and hair loss stops.

6- Properties of lemon cure skin disease

Lemon can be effective for reducing wrinkles. The protective role of vitamin-C present in lemons can be seen here. Vitamin-C is an effective antioxidant and can help reduce the effects of aging by removing wrinkles.

The anti-aging properties present in it may be the reason for this. In addition, vitamin-C can increase collagen and protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Lemon can be used in such a situation.

At the same time, another research has also revealed that the consumption of citrus fruit juice can prevent premature skin aging caused by oxidative stress. So, it can be beneficial in both cases, applying lemon juice and consuming it.

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Rubbing lemon after rubbing on the skin, shingles, dark spots on the skin, etc. is beneficial. Skin disorders are cured by using lemon juice daily.

7- Benefits of lemon in herpes

Applying ground juice of gooseberry in lemon juice provides instant relief in itching or itching. Pour lemon fruit juice into a glass of boiled milk.

Mix glycerin in it and keep it for half an hour. Applying it on the body provides relief in other skin diseases including dry skin.

8- Lemon’s medicinal properties beneficial for reducing obesity

If someone is looking for a natural remedy for weight loss, lemon can be beneficial. These polyphenols are considered effective to prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

Also, in another research done on the same topic, lemon as a detox drink can help reduce body fat, in addition, lemon has also been considered a good source of vitamin-C and weight loss. Vitamin-C is considered to be the most important element.

Not only this, but many people also consume honey in lemonade for weight loss, which can be a safe home remedy for weight loss. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to diet and exercise.

Using Nimbu to reduce obesity is beneficial. Taking two spoons of lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey in 200 ml lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning reduces obesity.

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9- Benefits of lemon in eye pain

Dissolve the lemon juice in iron kharl with the iron squad. When the juice turns black, then apply it thinly around the eyes. It cures eye pain.

10- Benefits of Lemon in Typhoid

Divide the Nimbu into two parts. Fill ground black pepper and rock salt in one part. Fill the sugar in the second part. Heat both and suck. This cures typhoid that occurs after the rainy season.

11- Benefits of lemon in mental illness

Applying lemon juice on the forehead is beneficial in mental illness.

12- Treatment of acidity using lemon

Take 5 ml lemon fruit juice mixed with honey, narikelodak, and salt. This cures acidity. The problem of feeling more thirsty is cured.

13- Use of lemon to increase appetite

Mix 3 ml of Nimbu juice, 10 ml lime water, and honey. Taking 20-20 drops of it increases appetite. The problem of loss of appetite is cured by taking lemon juice.

Drinking Nimbu juice mixed with double water and black pepper with 1-2 pieces of cloves increases appetite.

Cut lemons into black salt. Licking it also fixes the problem of loss of appetite. By adding a little ginger and a little black salt to the juice of one lemon, taking it increases appetite.

Take 5 ml of fruit juice mixed with honey, narikelodak, and salt. It increases appetite,

14- Benefits of lemon in food poisoning

Mix an equal quantity of parlando juice and 1 gram of camphor in lemon fruit juice and take it. This helps to cure food poisoning.

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15- Benefits of lemon in stomach ache

Grind 1-2 grams of raw lemon peel and take, it provides relief from stomachache.

Add 3 ml lemon juice, 10 ml lime water, and honey to all three. Taking 20-20 drops of it relieves stomachache.

16- The medicinal properties of lemon prevent vomiting

To prevent vomiting after a meal, read 5-10 ml, and read – Lemon juice should be drunk in the liver disease.

Take 5 ml of fruit juice mixed with honey, narikelodak, and salt. This prevents vomiting.

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17- Lemon eliminates stomach worms

Taking lemon juice kills stomach worms. Taking lemon leaves mixed with honey and juice kills stomach worms.

18-  Use of lemon to avoid the loss of Jamalgota

Jamalgota is cured by using buttermilk or water mixed with lemon fruit juice.

19- Prevent diarrhea with lemon properties

Drinking 30 ml of lemon juice 2-3 times a day prevents diarrhea.

20- Useful lemon in cholera

Drink two Nimbu juice before meals every day. Taking sugar or sugar mixed with it is beneficial in cholera.

Mixing an equal quantity of parlando juice and 1 gram of camphor in lemon juice and taking it also helps in cholera.

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21- Treatment of jaundice with lemon

Use of lemon for the treatment of jaundice benefits. Applying lemon juice to the eyes provides relief in jaundice.

22- Lemon provides benefits in biliary disorders

Mixing 5 grams of sugar candy in the juice of one lemon and taking it cures bile disorder.

23- Use of lemon beneficial in intestinal diseases

Taking 5 ml of fruit juice mixed with honey, narikelodak, and salt is beneficial in intestinal diseases.

24- Useful lemon in urinary disease

Add Nimbu fruit juice to boiled water. By taking it, the problem of blood or urine burning or swelling in the urine is cured.

Add cucumber juice or narikelodak or carrot juice to the lemon fruit juice. The problem of less urination is cured by taking it.

In addition, it cures kidney disorder and inflammation. There is also a benefit in problems due to pregnancy.

25- Benefits of lemon in liver-related disorders

Talking about the benefits of lemon or lemon juice, it can also be very beneficial for the liver. Indeed, in research, a protective reaction of lemon has been observed on the alcohol-affected liver.

The reason for this can be attributed to the hepatoprotective property present in lemon. In addition, according to another research, citrus fermented lemon juice can be helpful in improving liver inflammation and injury.

Actually, this researches have been done on animals, so more research is needed on how much effect this will have on humans. However, lemon juice can be consumed to keep the liver healthy.

Drink lemon juice and sugar candy in lukewarm water like morning tea. This works the liver properly and cures liver disorders.

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Liver related disorders are cured by consuming an equal quantity of parlando juice in Nimbu fruit juice.

Add 500 mg parsley roasted in 5-10 ml lemon juice, and rock salt according to taste. Taking it is beneficial in liver-related diseases.

26- Use of lemon beneficial for spleen enlargement

Increased spleen or spleen becomes normal by eating a Nimbu pickle. Spleen related disorders are cured by consuming an equal quantity of parlando juice in lemon fruit juice.

Taking 500 mg parsley roasted in 5-10 ml lemon juice, and rock salt according to taste is beneficial in spleen diseases.

27- Treatment of joint pain with lemon

Taking 1-2 ml lemon juice at an interval of 4-4 hours is beneficial in joint pain.

Mixing some ginger and a little black salt in the juice of one Nimbu and taking it provides relief in arthritis or joint pain.

28- Lemon is beneficial for fever

There can be many reasons behind fever, of which bacterial and viral infections are the main ones. In such a situation, lemon consumption can be helpful here. Many people also use lemon as a home remedy for fever.

If you talk about the quality of lemon, then it is rich in vitamin-C and it can help in preventing infection caused by bacteria and viruses.

Although there is a lack of precise scientific research on this, as it contains vitamin-C, lemon intake may be beneficial as a home remedy to improve immunity and prevent fever. Apart from this, lemon can also be used for common sore throat.

How to use

Mixing 25 ml lemon juice, a decoction of 25 ml Chirayte, and drinking it little by little helps to cure seasonal fever.

Severe fever is also cured by taking an equal quantity of parlando juice in lemon fruit juice.

29- Benefits of lemon on insect bites

The use of lemon is beneficial for poisonous insects or mosquito bites. Lemon juice should be applied at the insect bite site.

30- Benefits of Lemon in Honey Bee Bite

Garnish with gentle, saline, and black salt with lemon juice and apply it on bee stings. It provides relief from the discomfort caused by bee stings.

31- Nimbu is Beneficial in Scorpion Stings

Grind the 9 grams of lemon seeds and 8 grams of rock salt 8 grams. Consuming it provides relief from the sting of a scorpion.

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32- Benefit of Lemon for heart

Lemon juice can also play an important role in keeping the heart-healthy. As we mentioned, lemon is a big source of vitamin-C and vitamin-C rich foods can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Sometimes blood pressure problems can also cause heart disease. In this way, some scientific studies show that vitamin C also works to control blood pressure, which can be beneficial for the heart.

At the same time, citric fruits like lemons are rich in flavonoids, which may help in the treatment of atherosclerosis (plaque formation in the arteries).

As far as the ability of citrus flavonoids is concerned, it can work to improve oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia (Hyperlipidemia – fat deposits in the blood), reduce inflammation, arterial blood pressure, and lipid metabolism.

Lemons can be included in daily life to keep the heart-healthy. keep reading

Some Home remedies of lemon-

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Collect the peels of lemonade, which come out of the juice, and dry them in the sun. Filter and grind at least 2 times with a thin cloth. If desired, add a little finely ground sift salt to it.

By brushing the teeth with this brush, the teeth are cleaned and the smell of the mouth and breath also ends.

Protects from acne- Rubbing one and a half teaspoon of Nimbu juice in one and a half teaspoon of cream, rubbing it on the mouth daily, cleanses the face, makes the face soft, and gets rid of pimples.

This experiment should be done for about one month.

Protect against constipation- Get up early in the morning and drink one lemon and a little salt in 2 glasses of water. If there is chronic constipation, it should be done in the morning and evening.

Will get rid of constipation. Apart from this, care should be taken of digestible, light, and proper food. One should avoid the consumption of over-fried, sour, strong, strong spices, and cold foods.

Indigestion- Indigestion due to improper eating and lack of appropriate increases the acidity in the body and results in sour belts. In such a situation, drinking lemon juice, sugar, and a little salt in water provide relief.

Vomiting- Grind the juice of half a lemon, a little cumin, and cardamom in half a cup of water. After two-two hours, drinking it stops vomiting.

Lemon is especially used for its sour juice. It has many medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamin-C. Along with this, it also contains nutrients like calcium, potassium, fiber.

Stomach ache- Grind finely after taking an equal amount of salt, celery, cumin, and sugar. Mixing some Nimbu juice in it and eating it with lukewarm water provides relief.

Diarrhea- In case of thin stools with a bad odor, squeeze a lemon in ordinary cold milk and drink immediately. Mix lemon juice in water and drink it 5–6 times a day, it will provide relief.

Nausea – An increase in bile causes nausea. For this, drinking sugar and Nimbu juice in freshwater are beneficial. In winter, lukewarm water should be used.

Throat – Gargle after 2–2 hours by mixing lemon juice and some salt in lukewarm water. This will cure the throat.

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Nervousness and burning sensation of the chest- Drinking half or one lemon in a glass of cold or plain water provides relief.

Mouth odor- Rinse well by squeezing half a Nimbu in one or half cup of water. Rotate the water inside the mouth. Apart from removing the bad smell of the mouth, it will also benefit from lemon for the teeth and gums.

Toothache – Grind 2 cloves of cloves and mix lemon juice in it and rub gently on the affected teeth or teeth with a light finger. Similarly, rubbing soda on food is also beneficial.

Tonsil or mumps – take 2–4 drops of lemon on pineapple palms and eat.

Dizzy head- If you have a dizzy head due to indigestion or gas, mixing lemon juice in one cup of hot water and drinking it 8 to 10 days is beneficial.

Joint pain- Massaging lemon juice on the affected limb and drinking lemon water is beneficial.

Applying spleen- Lahori salt (rock salt) on lemon and taking it for a few days is beneficial.

Bloody Piles- Cut one lemon and apply a piece of catechizing (used for betel) in both parts and keep it on the roof at night. Suck both pieces in the morning. Use it for about a week, it will help.

Mix lemon juice with ground saline and apply it on the affected area. There will be a profit in a few days.

After the health benefits of lemon, Now you know how to keep lemon safe for a long time.

How to keep lemon safe for a long time

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Know below how lemon can be preserved for a long time –

  • First, choose the right lemon.
  • Never buy soft and tangy lemons.
  • Do not buy lemons with brown spots.
  • Choose lemons that are bright yellow.
  • Now you can place the lemon on the room temperature.

Lemons can be kept at least seven days safe by keeping them at room temperature. At the same time, keeping lemon in the fridge can be safe for several weeks.

Stay connected-

The health benefits of lemon are many, but a high intake of it can also turn the benefits of lemon into side effects. So, in this part of the article, we are going to tell the disadvantages of lemon.

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Damage to Lemon – Side Effects of Lemon

There are both advantages and disadvantages of eating a lemon. After the health benefits of lemon, now read down on the side effect of lemon.

The 32 health benefits of lemon (nimbu), uses and side effect

Excessive intake of lemon can make teeth sour. Speaking of damage to lemon, intake of lemon can spoil tooth enamel (outer layer of teeth).

Speaking of damage to lemons, people with sensitive skin may experience rashes or allergic problems with the use of lemons on the skin.

A person with sensitive skin can get rashes from lemon, so a dermatologist’s advice is necessary.

Simultaneously, lemon can also cause Phyto photodermatitis. Phytophoto dermatitis is a phototoxic reaction, which can be caused by contact with a particular type of plant.

In this, the skin becomes sensitive to the sun’s rays, after which the skin may also become inflamed, rashes or blisters.

If someone is allergic to lemon, they may have oral allergy syndrome (food allergies). There may be a sore throat, lip swelling, and fever.

In addition, anaphylaxis (Anaphylaxis – severe allergic problem) can also occur, although it is quite rare. This sensitive person, who has a problem with food intake from citric foods, can also have it.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin-C and excessive intake of vitamin-C can cause diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps.

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At the End of the Article,

you will now have a good understanding of how the use of lemon can be beneficial for the body. Also, you must have found the answer to the question of what happens by eating a lemon.

Friends, lemon has many properties and its proper use can benefits of lemon for you. At the same time, in the article, we have explained both the advantages and disadvantages of lemon.

If you see any of the above-mentioned side effects of lemon during its use, then stop using it and contact the doctor. I hope that readers have liked this article.

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