The 14 Health benefits of golden milk (Turmeric milk)
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Does your mother give you Golden milk (Turmeric milk) when you are hurt? Because the mother knows everything which is best. But have you ever thought-

What are the health benefits of golden milk (turmeric milk)?

How do people get better by drinking Golden Milk (turmeric milk)?

Today we are going to answer all these questions. The health benefits of golden milk for minor pain, throat swelling have been reported by Ayurveda for centuries.

The health benefits of golden milk (turmeric milk) come in handy when you are sick.

Consuming turmeric and milk not only strengthens your immunity but if it is consumed regularly in large amounts by the elderly, then it will be very helpful in protecting against many diseases of old age.

This will not only work effectively to strengthen their immunity but will also help in protecting them from many other diseases.

  • Do you feel tired?
  • And your energy is lost even by everyday routine tasks?

So this is the right time to regain your energy and improve your health.

Yes, today we have been about a drink that gives you more than 100 health benefits and one of them is to make you feel young again.

Apart from this, it is also effective in treating and preventing many diseases. This magical drink is called “Golden Milk“, and is a turmeric-based drink.

Turmeric is very healthy which improves brain function, controls blood pressure, relieves skin conditions, strengthens the immune system, cleanse the liver, reduces cholesterol, improves digestion system, controls weight, and balances metabolism Helps in.

One downside of turmeric is very low bioavailability, and to be effective, it must be combined with black pepper.

Why Golden Milk (turmeric milk) is good for you?

The 14 Health benefits of golden milk (Turmeric milk)

You must have heard many times that the health benefits of Golden Milk (turmeric milk) are good for the body, but do you know how beneficial it is for you? Let us tell. According to,

Actually, turmeric has natural antibiotic properties and milk is rich in calcium.

When you mix both milk and turmeric together, the nutrients present in both protect your body from diseases and infections as well as provide plenty of energy.

Turmeric also contains curcumin compound which is a polyphenol, which helps in protecting your body from many diseases. Curcumin is beneficial for the prevention of diseases,

But it is difficult for the body to absorb it. Therefore, it is recommended to mix it with pepper and fatty foods such as milk and ghee.

Can I drink Golden Milk every day?

Enriched with the goodness of nature, turmeric has some amazing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial, anti-allergic properties, which further help in preventing as well as curing several diseases.
In fact, a blend of turmeric and hot milk a day can keep several diseases at bay.

What is the best time to drink golden milk?

Everyone can benefit from the anti-inflammatory and high-antioxidant activity of golden milk. It’s a wonderful addition to your evening ritual to wind down and enjoy before bedtime.

You can drink it any time of day, but I find it to be especially nice before bed.

The 14 Health benefits of golden milk (Turmeric milk)

How to Drink Turmeric Milk?

It is beneficial to use turmeric milk directly. By the way, you can also take it in the morning at breakfast and it can be consumed before sleeping at night.

However, the best time to drink turmeric milk is considered to be before bedtime at night.

How much drink?

You can consume 6 grams of turmeric (curcumin present in it) daily. It is considered safe to consume turmeric in this quantity for four to seven weeks. Taking turmeric in this quantity does not cause any harm to your body due to turmeric.

Yes, turmeric milk can also cause damage to the body, about which we will talk in the next part of the article. By the way, how much turmeric should be consumed during the day, please consult the doctor once.

At the same time- it is advisable to take 3 servings of dairy products per day. For example, a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, and a bowl of yogurt. By consuming it you will get enough nutrients.

At the same time- talking about a limited quantity of milk in a day, it is 500 ml.

Health benefits of golden milk (Turmeric milk)

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of drinking Golden Milk (turmeric milk). You will be familiar with some benefits, but there are many health benefits of golden milk (turmeric milk), from which you may be unaware until now.

Benefits of Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk)

1. Digestion

If the stomach and digestive power do not work properly, it has a fast effect on your body. In this case, Golden Milk (turmeric milk) can help to keep your intestines healthy and improve the digestive system.

Actually, curcumin present in turmeric acts like an anti-inflammatory property, which helps the body to overcome intestinal diseases.

2. Joint pain

Curcumin present in herbal tea and Golden Milk (turmeric milk) called golden milk has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce joint and arthritis pain.

Also, Golden Milk (turmeric milk) has anti-arthritic properties, which help reduce inflammation of joints.

3. Insomnia

Insomnia problem is increasing in people. To overcome this problem, you can consume Golden Milk (turmeric milk). Various studies have also shown that curcumin also corrects memory in a person suffering from insomnia.

In such a situation, whenever you are not able to sleep, drink Golden Milk (turmeric milk), or take it every day before going to bed at night.

4. Cancer

Cancer is considered to be the most dangerous disease, from which it is very important to prevent it. In this case, you can take turmeric-milk. Turmeric-milk has anti-inflammatory properties.

Golden Milk (turmeric milk) may reduce the risk of prostate and stomach cancer or prevent them from growing. It reduces the effect of DNA damaging cancer cells and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

5. Bone Health

Calcium is necessary for strengthening bones. Milk contains calcium, which plays an important role in keeping your bones healthy and strong. Golden Milk (turmeric milk) can reduce the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis (bone disease).

6. Diabetes

Curcumin present in turmeric helps in lowering blood sugar levels, hence it is considered useful in the prevention of diabetes.

In addition, it also plays an important role in preventing diabetes-related liver disorders. Curcumin present in turmeric also reduces diabetes and oxidative stress, a common problem related to diabetes.

According to one study, giving 5 grams of turmeric daily for 3 months to diabetes-1 patients has significantly reduced their blood sugar.

7. For Weight Loss

People are suffering from obesity due to busy routine, eating out, sitting in the chair for a long time, not exercising, stress, and many other reasons.

As the weight increases, the body is surrounded by diseases. In this case, Golden Milk (turmeric milk) can help you.

Golden Milk can reduce fat, which can help control your weight. According to some studies, curcumin present in turmeric milk may act as a weight control in overweight people.

8. Cold and Cough

Colds are common due to the changing weather and weak immunity. In such a situation, home remedies sometimes work like magic and turmeric-milk is also one of them.

Turmeric-containing milk is considered useful for curing a cold and cough due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

It gives instant relief from a sore throat, cough, and cold. If you consume turmeric-milk every day, you can save the body from cold soon.

9. Heart Health

Curcumin present in turmeric prevents the release of cytokines (a type of protein) in our body, causing cardiovascular (cardiovascular) diseases.

At the same time, the use of ginger can also reduce the risk factors that increase cardiovascular disease. The bioactive compound present in ginger enhances good cholesterol by reducing harmful cholesterol.

10. Inflammation

Golden Milk (turmeric milk) has anti-inflammatory properties, which help the body to fight inflammation. Curcumin present in turmeric protects against arthritis and other diseases such as skin diseases caused by compound inflammation.

It is also known as ‚Äėnatural aspirin‚Äô in Ayurvedic medicine, which can cure inflammation and pain.

11. Brain Health

Curcumin present in Golden Milk (turmeric milk) helps in maintaining your brain health. It can be helpful in reducing the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s (memory loss) related to the brain.

It can also help to overcome Parkinson’s disease (mental disorder).

12. Immunity

Curcumin present in Golden Milk (turmeric milk) acts as an immunomodulatory agent. It helps in promoting all the healthy cells present in the body including T cells and B cells. With the help of all these cells, the body’s immune system is strengthened.

Curcumin also promotes the antibody response in the body, with the help of which our body is protected from many diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

In addition, the benefits of golden milk (turmeric milk) include protecting you from a cold and sore throat.

13. Detox

Most people like to eat fried, spicy, or junk food, which directly affects the liver. Therefore, it becomes necessary to detoxify the body to remove toxicity present in the body.

In this case, Golden Milk acts like natural liver detoxification, which accelerates liver functioning.

14. Skin Health

Due to dust and soil pollution, the skin’s brightness starts to fade continuously. Also, there is a risk of skin infection. In this case, turmeric-milk can prove beneficial for your skin.

For glowing skin, you can take Golden Milk or you can soak cotton in turmeric and apply it on the face, which will keep your face glowing.

In addition, curcumin present in it protects you from skin cancer and other infections. It also helps in fighting against the bad bacteria on the skin.

Golden Milk Nutritional Value

The 14 Health benefits of golden milk (Turmeric milk)

After the health benefits of golden milk, let’s talk about the nutrients present in Golden milk (turmeric milk).

Nutritious of Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk)

After knowing the health benefits of drinking Golden milk, you must have known that it is a treasure of nutrients. Read below how many nutrients are present per 100ml Golden milk.

Nutrient Amount Per 100ML

‚ÄĘEnergy 33 kcal ‚ÄĘProtein 0.28 g ‚ÄĘTotal Fat 1.94 g ‚ÄĘCarbohydrate 3.89 g ‚ÄĘFiber 0.8 g ‚ÄĘSugar 3.06 g ‚ÄĘMineralsCalcium 6 mg ‚ÄĘIron 100000 IU ‚ÄĘSodium 19 mg ‚ÄĘLipidfaty Acid, ‚ÄĘTotal Saturated 1.670 g

After the benefits and nutritious ingredients of Golden Milk, Read the method of making golden milk (turmeric milk)in the next part of the article.

How to make Golden milk

You have already known the health benefits of drinking golden milk (turmeric milk). Let us now tell you how to make Golden milk easily at home.

At the same time, if you do not like its taste, you can also add honey to it. Read below how to make turmeric milk:

Ingredient of Golden Milk-

  • One teaspoon turmeric powder
  • a glass of milk
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
  • A pinch of ginger powder
  • 1 pinch of ground black pepper
  • Honey to taste (optional)

Recipe of Golden Milk-

  • Boil milk for about 5 minutes by mixing turmeric powder and other substances.
  • Now filter this Golden Milk (turmeric milk)and put it in a glass.
  • Drink hot Golden Milk (turmeric milk)for more benefits.
  • You can also add honey to lukewarm milk for taste.

After knowing the health benefits of golden milk (benefits of turmeric milk) and how to make turmeric milk,

now you know that along with the health benefits of golden milk, there are some disadvantages also, let’s see what is the harm.

What are the side effects of Golden milk?

It is also important for you to know about the loss of Golden Milk (turmeric milk). Yes, along with the health benefits of drinking Golden Milk (benefits of turmeric milk), it also has some side effects, which we are going to tell below.

You may also be allergic to the simultaneous intake of turmeric and milk.

Sometimes people start consuming more of Golden Milk (turmeric milk), which can also have the opposite effect. Excess intake of this can cause heartburn, indigestion, and diarrhea.

During pregnancy, you should consume turmeric milk only after consulting a doctor.

Consumption of turmeric is believed to cause a contraction in the uterus. At the moment, further research is still needed on this.

Turmeric intake can cause gastrointestinal problems. That is, gas in the stomach, flatulence and other stomach related problems.

Consuming turmeric with some medicines can cause side effects. Do not take it if you are taking aspirin medicine like anticoagulants. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication should also not be taken with turmeric.

Therefore, whenever you consume turmeric milk, first ask your doctor.

You have already realized the health benefits of drinking Golden Milk (turmeric milk). Just need now to take this infallible prescription in moderate amounts. Tell us how you liked this article related to turmeric milk.

Apart from this, if you have any questions related to the health benefits of golden milk (turmeric milk) in your mind, then you can ask it through the comment box.

Also, if you have some tips that people are unaware of, then you can also share them with us so that other readers can also benefit from it.

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