The Best Diet chart of Thyroid friendly foods and Plans
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Many people are suffering from thyroid disease. The thyroid is an endocrine gland in the throat that is butterfly-shaped. This gland produces thyroid hormone which balances the metabolism of the body.

This gland makes hormones in our body with the help of iodine. When this hormone becomes imbalanced, there are many problems in the body.

As if the weight increases suddenly, it sometimes decreases. People resort to medicines to correct the disease but this is not enough. Catering is the biggest reason behind this disease.

To control the thyroid, the Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food requires special attention. Thyroid disease can be controlled by taking the right diet chart of Thyroid friendly food. Thyroid disease is more common in women.

Diet chart of Thyroid friendly foods

Include high fiber food in your diet chart of Thyroid friendly food. Reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates in food. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, minimize the consumption of cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli in hypothyroid.

Limit the use of non-vegetarian food, milk, and milk products (fat-free milk is recommended), rice, spicy foods, refined, fast food (preserved foods).

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Diet chart for thyroid victims

1. iodized food

Thyroid sufferers should include iodized foods in their diet chart of Thyroid friendly food. That is foods that contain digestible amounts of iodine. The reason for this is that the amount of iodine affects the functioning of the thyroid.

2. Source of food

For iodine, we can also use marine organisms or food derived from the sea. Iodine is found in abundance in fish, seaweed, and sea vegetables.

3. Copper and Iron

Apart from this, taking a diet consisting of copper and iron is also very beneficial in the thyroid. This increases the activity of the thyroid gland.

4. Its sources

For copper, you should take cashew, almond, and sunflower seeds. There is an abundance of copper in it.

5. Role of Iron

There is no better alternative to iron than green and leafy vegetables. Spinach is especially found in iron.

6. Cheese and Green Chili

Thyroid patients should consume tomatoes along with cheese and green chilies. Because it is also very beneficial for the thyroid gland.

7. Vitamins and Minerals

You should give priority to diet with vitamins and minerals in your diet chart of Thyroid friendly food. This increases the activity of the thyroid gland.

8. Ice Cream and Yogurt

Consuming less fatty ice cream and yogurt in the thyroid is also very beneficial for thyroid patients.

9. Cow milk

Apart from this, some domestic remedy is also very beneficial, such as cow’s milk should also be drunk by its patients.

10. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also increase the activation of the thyroid gland. Its easy to use is that you can use it while cooking.

Avoid using these foods –

  1. Sleep and food items should not have any place in the diet chart of thyroid patients.
  2. Thyroid patients should also stay away from junk and fast food. Because fast food affects the thyroid gland.
  3. If you talk about avoiding vegetables, then you should stay away from foods like broccoli, cabbage.

Hypothyroidism Diet Plan 1

Time Table / Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food-

  • Morning (after waking up)- Dalchini water (one fourth teaspoon cinnamon + one cup water) + 5 soaked almonds / dry fruits (5-7)
  • Breakfast- Besan Chilla (2) or 2 egg omelette with vegetables; + Green chutney (2 tbsp)
  • Middle food- orange (1) or papaya (1 bowl) or 1 banana
  • Lunch- whole grain bread (2) + gourd chana lentils (1-2 bowl) + yogurt (1 bowl) / paneer (5-7 pieces) + salad (1 medium plate)
  • Evening snack- turmeric tea (1 cup) + roasted makhana (half bowl) / roasted sweet potato (half bowl)
  • Dinner- porridge / khichdi with lentils and vegetables; (1-2; bowl) + salad (1 medium plate)
  • At bedtime- turmeric milk (1 glass)

Hypothyroidism Diet Plan 2

Time Table / Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food-

  • Morning (after waking up)- lukewarm water (1 cup) + 4 almonds 2 walnuts (soaked)
  • Breakfast- Ragi Dosa (2) + Dal Chutney (2 Tbsp) / Oats Upma (1 cup) + Skimmed Milk (1 cup) or Boiled Egg (1)
  • Middle diet- apple (1) or buttermilk (1 glass) or lemonade (1 glass)
  • Lunch- methi roti (2) or brown rice (1 cup) + lentils (1 bowl) or chicken / fish (1 piece) + gourd vegetable (1 bowl) + salad (1 medium plate)
  • Evening Breakfast- Green Tea (1 cup) + Sprouted Bhel (1 bowl) or Orange (1) / Chakotara (4 pieces) / Watermelon (1 cup)
  • Nightly diet- Clear soup made of all vegetables (1 large bowl) or salad (1 medium plate) + millet or jowar roti (2) + spinach lentils (1-2 bowl)
  • At bedtime- skimmed milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric

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Hyperthyroidism Diet Plan 1

This Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food has been made keeping in mind all the nutrients needed in this problem of the thyroid.

Time Table / Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food-

  • Morning (after waking up)- Full cream milk (1 cup – 1 teaspoon with sugar) + 6 almonds, 2 walnuts (soaked) + raisins (8-10)
  • Breakfast- Paneer Paratha (2) + Curd (1 bowl) or boiled egg (1)
  • Middle Diet- Sweet Lassi (1 glass or banana (2) or fruit juice (1 glass)
  • Lunch- roti (2) + rajma (1 bowl) or chicken / fish (1 piece) + any seasonal vegetable cooked with potatoes (1 bowl) + curd or cucumber raita (1 small bowl)
  • Evening Breakfast- Grilled Paneer (8-10 small pieces) or Kala Chana Chaat (1 bowl)
  • Night food – Vegetable casserole (1 bowl) + Arhar dal (1 bowl) or egg curry (1) + Potato and cauliflower vegetable (1 bowl)
  • At bedtime- full cream milk (1 cup) + dates (2)

Hyperthyroidism Diet Plan 2

Time Table / Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food-

  • Morning (after waking up)- full cream milk or almond milk (1 cup – 1 teaspoon with sugar) + 6 almonds, 2 walnuts, raisins (8-10) (soaked)
  • Breakfast- Club Sandwich (2) + Cheese pieces (5-6) or Omelette (2 eggs) + Toast (2)
  • Middle Diet- Mango shake (1 glass) or Shrikhand (1 bowl)
  • Lunch- Missi roti (2) + Soyabean (1 bowl) / Chicken or fish (1 piece) + Arabic vegetable (1 bowl) + Curd or Bathua raita (1 bowl)
  • Evening snack- Papaya Smoothie (1 big cup) + Roasted Sunflower or Flaxseed seeds (1-2 tablespoons) / Dhokla (4 pieces) + Lemon water (1 glass)
  • Night diet- Broccoli soup (1 bowl) + Chana casserole (1-2 bowl) + Mix vegetable (1 bowl)
  • At bedtime- Badam milk (1 cup) or Turmeric milk (1 cup) (made in full cream milk)

Important tips of thyroid friendly food

Best Diet chart of Thyroid friendly foods

To make hypothyroid medicine completely beneficial, first, take it after waking up in the morning. After that, eat or drink something after at least 30-45 minutes.

Also, exercise daily. Meditate to keep stress under control.

Drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water regularly.

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Some other solutions

Thyroid patients should take care of some other things besides following this Diet chart of Thyroid friendly food. Get used to exercising regularly.

Along with this, yoga thyroid should also be done with the advice of a yoga instructor. Because this increases the activity of the thyroid gland. However, despite all these, do take the advice of a doctor.

Yoga Nidra is helpful in reducing stress and keeping calm in both types of the thyroid. People suffering from hyperthyroid may find it difficult to sleep at night.

Yoga sleep helps them in the form of a refreshing nap during the day which can give the body the necessary rest.

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