Priceless heritage-Aranmula Kerala
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Aranmula Kerala-Priceless heritage, About 110 km from Kerala’s capital Thiruvanantha Puram. Aranmula History-Culture and Country Located at a Distance of Is a beautiful example of the shared heritage.

This place dedicated to crafts is the most held in Asia It is also famous for large Christian assemblies.

But the most prominent identity here is ‘Aranmula Kannadi’. So today Aranmula goes on a memorable journey to the priceless heritage of aranmula Kerala

Priceless heritage-Aranmula Kerala

Time travel is possible only for tourists at historical sites. When looking at the sites connected with history, we begin to imagine the time when that place was not the history of our time but was ever-present.
In such a place, where history is a part of everyday life, imagine that bliss!
Every day passing through the streets connected with the heritage will be very attractive, isn’t it?
About 110 km from Kerala’s capital Thiruvanantha Puram. Aranmula is a similar place in the Pathanam thitta district.

Dedicated to crafting The town is known for its cultural identity. This place is situated on the banks of the holy Pamba River Is noted as a heritage.

Aranmula Kannadi mirror has a special identity:

Priceless heritage-Aranmula KeralaAlthough Aranmula is identified with many things, the most prominent identity here is ‘Aranmula Kannadi’ i.e.

mirror or mirror in Hindi and Urdu and ‘Kannadi’ in Malayalam and Tamil. The mirror here gives this place a special identity in the world.
We can also know the global identity that is one of the special products and places in the country which has got the GI (Geographical Indication) tag.
This means that Aranmula Kannadi cannot be claimed by people from any other place.
This mirror is unique due to its unique beauty and mysterious process of construction. do you want to buy aranmula cannadi? Click here…
 The most important thing is that Kannadis are made from metal instead of glass and the process of making them is part of the family tradition that has been going on for generations.
This art has been transferred from one generation to another. There are only a few families who make it and through them, they have access to art admirers of the country and abroad.
There is another reason for the character of these mirrors.
Where the reflection in the mirror of glass is caused by the coating of mercury on its inner surface, the metal In these icons the image is formed on the main surface itself.
There is a difference in the image due to the difference in the depth of the inner surface of the glass mirror. Usually, our mirrors are made differently in different mirrors.
If there are cheap mirrors, the image becomes crooked. This situation does not deal with Aranmula Kannadi.

Aranmula Kannadi is associated with the historyPriceless heritage-Aranmula Kerala

This amazing specimen of metalwork has its roots in history. Harappan excavations have found evidence of five-inch diameter copper mirrors.
Evidence of the metal mirror is also found in the Rigveda verses.
In the Khajuraho sculptures, a woman can be seen adorning a mirror-like Aranmula Kannadi.
It is believed that the ancestor of the makers of Aranmula Mirror would have gone from ‘Septa-Sandhav-Pradesh’ towards South India.

Meet Aranmula Kannadi’s Vishwakarma:

When it comes to Aranmula Kannadi, through these builders, there is a chance to know the history and sociology of the Dravidian style builders.
All this is no less interesting! A large part of Indian arts and crafts have been associated with temples spread across the country.
The ancestors of those who built these mirrors were experts in temples and architecture. Sankarankovil is a place in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.
A large population of architectural craftsmen settled there during the reign of the Pandya dynasty. Dravidian style temples and inscribed on them.
Seeing the carvings, we are forced to press our toes under the teeth, all of them are the result of those craftsmen.
The fame of these Vishwakarma spread throughout South India. The king of Travancore invited this community to build a Dravidian style temple in Kerala.
Of these, Padmanabha Swami Temple in Thiruvanantha Puram, Parthasarathy Temple of Aranmula, Mahadev Temple of Chengannur, and Srimuruga Temple of Haripad is still full of glory today Standing with.
These craftsmen are known as Tamil Vishwakarma. Their own temples and goddesses There is Marutamma, who is considered a form of Parvati.

 Aranmula Kannadi mirror shopping

Priceless heritage-Aranmula KeralaTourists visiting here can see metal mirrors ie Kannadi icons being made in front of them.How to melt the metal, mold it into a mold, then perform the process of cleaning and polishing the new metal prepared in the mold, Aranmula is the place to be noticed.

 If you wish, you can also take these mirrors as a gift for your loved ones from here.
By the way, these may seem expensive to you compared to normal mirrors, but if you go to buy online and in an emporium, then there is a big difference in price.
Also, there is no authenticity in the quality of the goods.
Therefore, if you come here, you should definitely buy this mirror for yourself and family.

Maramon is famous for a religious convention

Maramon is a place about 5 kilometers from Aranmula.
This place is famous as a center of Christian culture. It holds the largest Christian General Assembly in Asia. Held once a year This program takes place in February.
It is at this time that the water of the Pamba River dries up and the glowing sand of the river is ready to welcome the people of the Christian community coming from the country and the world.
At that time, the celebration runs for a week in the river. The General Assembly is organized by the Martoma Evangelistic Association.
 Its beginning is believed to be in the late nineteenth century. That time was the reformist era of the Syrian Church of Kerala. It also served as an inspiration for the General Assembly of Hinduism.
In February itself, the Mahasabha called Cherukolpusha is organized by the ‘Mahamandalam’ institution of Hindu-mat within the Pamba River.
It is used for religious purposes only because the river land is considered very sacred.
Priceless heritage-Aranmula Kerala

Connie’s identity since trekking and time:

 Cony is famous for its natural splendor, which is about 25 km from Aranmula. is far. The forests, mountains, and wild animals here are enough to please you.
This place is dedicated to Eco-tourism. The Tourism Department of the Government of Kerala makes all the arrangements for this. People come here for trekking.
The interesting thing is that most of the trekkers in the forests here are trained with trained guides. During such trips, the real splendor of the forest is interviewed.
Wild boar, elephant, leopard, and birds of various species can be easily seen here.
Cardamom and pepper are cultivated in the arable land spread across this forest. Trekking here gives a different type of experience.
People also come here to see ‘Kral’ of elephants. A kraal is a place where elephants are trained. These are the elephants who wander from their herds at a young age.
They are kept in large enclosures made of wood and trained to undergo a variety of procedures. Later, these elephants are used to perform rituals in Kerala temples.
Elephant safaris are also done in the inner part of the Koni forest. It is also wonderful to enjoy a cane round boat ride here.
Aranmula kerala-Priceless heritage

Oldest boat race-Aranmula Kerala

Who would not be aware of the unique boat race in many places in Kerala, but if you are asked what is the oldest boat race here, what would you say?
Aranmula’s boat race has the distinction of being the oldest among the boat competitions that have become the hallmark of this state.
 Local residents explain this through a story. In the Parthasarathi temple since the ancient times, ‘On the occasion of Onam,’ Saadya ‘means banquet has been organized.
Once here a Brahman family promised to bear all the expenses of the banquet. The family arranged to send all the material on the boat and send it to the temple.

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When the boat was in midstream, it was attacked by enemies. People in the boat got scared due to the attack. Then many sailors from the vicinity started to protect their boats by speeding.
Thus by destroying the enemies, the contents of ‘Sadya’ and people were transported to the temple.
It was decided to race the boat on the same day every year on Onam. Every civilization strives to keep deep social concerns alive through its games. Boat race to be held at Aranmula.
In a way, it is also associated with devotion to Krishna.
This race is a part of the Nehru Trophy every year. On this day, the Pamba river is filled with boats and the scene becomes exciting when people on both banks of the river, who are sitting in boats, drive their boat in the fast paddle.
People come from far and wide to see this.
Aranmula kerala-Priceless heritage

The memorable taste of the present sadhya

In terms of catering, this place is similar to other places in Kerala, where all the local cuisine is found. Being associated with religious identity, there is an emphasis on vegetarian food. Savoring the Sadya i.e.
banquet of the Parthasarathi temple on Onam is the ultimate achievement of the journey here. The taste of sixty types of dishes found in it becomes memorable.
Priceless heritage-Aranmula Kerala

Aruvikuzhi waterfall: picnic spot

Located about 15 Km. from Aranmula, this waterfall is surrounded by its powerful currents and untouched It is famous for beauty.
This waterfall falling from a height of about a hundred feet is a gift of monsoon. Basically, it is a complex of many streams coming from above, which after falling down, it goes down into a very deep valley.
The water falling in the depths between two different rocks, by its thunderous roar, continuously announces the power of nature. Trekking routes are made here naturally. This place is also suitable for picnic families.
Aranmula kerala-Priceless heritage

Historical Parthasarathy Temple

Built-in the traditional style of Kerala, this temple is grand and extremely clean, the base pillar of the historical heritage of Aranmula.
This temple dedicated to Krishna is built on the banks of the Pamba River. Seeing its architecture, it shows the foresight of its craftsmen. They have built this temple at high altitude to protect it from floods.
This temple is also a stop for the procession to be performed before the start of the worship of Ayyappa in the Sabarimala temple.
The gold dress of Ayyappa given by the king of Travancore is also kept in the same temple, which is taken to Sabarimala in late December with full legal practice. This temple is famous for its ‘Valla Saadya‘ i.e. Onam.
Aranmula kerala-Priceless heritage
For this, the day of ‘Ashtami Rohini’ of the month Chingam of Malayali calendar is fixed. This feast is organized on that day. This feast is like a huge Bhandara, in which more than sixty dishes are served.
All this is made from the materials donated by the devotees of Krishna. Famous singer KJ Yesudas also carries a banquet for a day at Sadya to be held here.

There are many places of attraction around

Aranmula is a part of the Pathanamthitta district, which is famous for the Sabarimala temple. Temple 45 km from Aranmula. is far. On one side of this district is Idukki (about 130 km away),
on the other side Alleppey (about 52 km.) You can also enjoy the hill stations of Idukki and the backwaters of Alleppey. The pleasure of staying in a houseboat in Alleppey Can also be taken.
Tekdi and Mannar hill stations are hundred and one hundred and fifty km respectively. Are located at a distance.
Aranmula kerala-Priceless heritage

When and how to reach Aranmula Kerala?

Going to Aranmula is as easy as traveling to any other place in Kerala. Nearest Railway Station
Chengannur is and Thiruvanantha Puram Airport.
Taxi and bus facility is easily available from all these places to get here. Come here during monsoon or later, the weather is perfect.
More than history here. An attempt has been made to keep the old identity of this place intact without being tampered with.

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