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About Recifit

Hi friend-

Welcome to the Recifit.com – a place where you can get information about health and fitness with vegetarian, non-veg, Indian cuisine. And beside them, you can find some world cuisine recipes and some fusion recipes with an Indian touch. Recifit.com was born on 8 January 2018. The website is still working for you.

It is not only a recipe website but it is a community where food lovers/cooking enthusiasts can get information about the recipe process of their choice from here.

Why Recifit

We have created Recifit.com that introduces the world of recipes, health and lifestyle information and timely relevance to the user. We have built it for you by working hard to ensure your overall well-being while maintaining high reliability and in-depth information.

About me-

Hello friend-

My name is Mohammad Kaleem and I live in Utter Pradesh India, I have done Diploma in Mechanical Engineer, I am fond of food, I keep making different types of food at home, which is available in front of you in the form of blog www.recifit.com. On which you will continue to get information related to the latest recipes, health, and fitness in Hindi and English, and there is also a YouTube channel where you will get videos related to the recipe. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can mail us at info@recifit.com or you can click on contact us. I will try and give you well on this blog

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You can find Recifit.com latest posts, health, and fitness information from here.

You can email me on info@recifit.com for any suggestion, question, or just say Hello.



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