soya sauce pasta

soya sauce pasta

 soya sauce pasta

 This trio of flavors and textures in this soybean sauce pasta with pine nuts pesto and Parmesan cheese and squash dish makes for a healthy and fresh fall delicacy. This quick and easy soya sauce pesto pasta is just a slight twist on Instead of nuts,soya sauce pasta pesto uses buttery green Parmesan cheese for a satisfying, lower-fat and plant-powered dish.

Ingredient of soya sauce pasta- 

  1. mini soya bean-                      3 cups boiled
  2. garlic-                              40 grams
  3. basil leaves-                        60 grams
  4. pine nuts-                           20 grams
  5. Parmesan cheese-                     2 grams 
  6. Pasta-                               200g boiled
  7. Cream-                               2 Tbsp
  8. Sunflower Oil                        As required
  9. Salt to taste

how to make soya bean sauce pasta-

  1. Take basil leaves, pine nuts, sunflower oil, and garlic and add it 
  2. Make a paste by grinding in a mixer.
  3. Add Parmesan cheese and salt to the paste.
  4. Heat a pan. Add the paste with boiled pasta, cream, and boiled mini soya bean. 
  5. Cook for a few minutes, stirring at regular intervals.
  6. now your soya sauce pasta is ready. Serve hot

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