soya rajma curry recipe

soya rajma recipe

soya chunks rajma curry recipe

soya chunks and Rajma is a popular Indian vegetarian dish consisting of red kidney beans with soya in a thick gravy with many Indian whole spices and usually served with rice and roti.

I thought the fiber and folates from the rajma and the protein in the soya chunks would be a very healthy combination. It is a very simple recipe that requires some preparation like soaking the beans and the soya chunks. You could use tinned bean.

 soya rajma curry recipe ingredient

  • Rajma-1 cup               soaked in water overnight and boiled 
  • Mini Soya chunks-         4 cups boiled
  • Refined Sunflower Oil-    3 Tbsp
  • Cumin seeds -             1 teaspoon
  • Coriander seeds  -        1 tbsp
  • Black Pepper-             1 tsp crushed
  • Green chilies-            3 chopped
  • Onion-                    2 chopped medium size
  • Ginger garlic paste-      2 tablespoons
  • Tomato puree-             3/4 cup
  • Red chili powder-         1 teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder-          1/4 teaspoon
  • Mango powder-             1 teaspoon
  • Garam masala powder-      1 tsp
  • Ginger-                   1 inch finely chopped
  • Bay leaf -                1 leaf
  • Salt to taste 

How to cook soya rajma curry recipe

  • Heat the neutrella refined sunflower oil in a non-stick pan
  • Cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper, green chilies, onions. Fry for 2 minutes.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and tomato puree. Fry for 4-5 minutes.
  • Add red chili powder, turmeric powder, mango powder and 1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder.
  • Fry for 2 minutes.
  • Add the beans, boiled neutrella mini soya elder and salt. Mix well.
  • Add 1 cup of water, mash it a little. Cook. Leftover garam masala powder and ginger
  • Add thin pieces of Mix well.
  • Serve hot

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